Joint Pain And the Right Orthotic

Joint pain is one of the most common complaints that physicians currently deal with. These areas of pain include everything from sore muscles, tendons, arthritis, ligaments, dislocations, and other conditions. It can take years for daily activity to have a noticeable effect on knees & joints, but symptoms may present themselves without warning. These include inflammation, swelling, stiffening, and loss of motion.

Many types of jobs, sports, and recreational activities can be the cause of wear and tear on your joints as you age. Also, diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis will increase your chances of having joint problems.

Different Types of  Orthotics

Orthotics Knee Brace

• Knee
There are many orthotics that relieve knee pain, arthritis pain in the knee, post op assistance, ACL inuries, hyperextension and more. Our full line of knee orthotics offer a solution for anyone to give them the maximum support and relief they need.

Orthotics Hand Wrist Brace

• Hand/Wrist 
Arthritic relief for everything that aches – ranging from hand & wrist to shoulder and everything inbetween. These orthotics provide the support and stability to help you better manage and treat your arthritic pain.

Orthotics Back Brace

• Back
A1 Medical Supply offers a wide variety of back orthosis to accommodate just about any back problem. Back orthotics can provide you with the compression to stabilize the back to help alleviate pain & stress on the back muscles.

Orthotics Ankle foot brace

• Foot/Ankle 
These particular orthotics help stabilize the injured area while also treating the pain. Maintain proper mobility while rehabilitating. That’s A1 Medical Supply’s goal. Trust in the top Foot & Ankle orthotics on the market today.

Benefits Of Wearing The Proper Orthotic 

Orthotic provides support to the joint and relieves pain during your normal daily activities. It will also help prevent further damage to the joints and will extend the time you have to spend on those activities that require extensive use of the joints.

•  STABILIZES injured areas, assisting in faster recovery

•  SUPPORTS the entire knee joint while alleviating pressure

 IMPROVES movement & function avoiding further injury

•  CONTROLS and even lessens pain for normal activities

•  COVERED by Medicare & Insurances

•  HELPS restore proper knee function & return to daily activities

•  DESIGNED to target the areas that house the ongoing pain

•  DRUG & SURGERY-FREE solution to achieving pain relief

Orthotics Illustration Image

Three Easy Steps To Get Your Orthosis: 

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

If you haven’t placed your order yet, call us now to initiate the order. A friendly customer care specialist will help you with placing your order & answer any questions you have.

Step 2

After your order is placed, we then contact your physician and work with them to get the documentation we need to get the item approved by your insurance company. It’s very important that you contact your doctor and let them know that you are requesting a orthosis to help us expedite the process.

step 3

After we get the approval from your physician, your orthosis will be shipped free to your door the same day. Get back to enjoying a healthier lifestyle with limited pain.
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