Commit to a more flexible lifestyle with an insulin pump & supplies

A1 Medical Supply helps thousands struggling with diabetes find new freedom by using an insulin delivering system, or better known as an insulin pump. Insulin pumps can help you gain more flexibility by eliminating the need for daily insulin injections. With the most precise means of insulin treatment, the choice is easy. Shift your diabetes care to a less constraining means of insulin treatment and enjoy your freedom to live again.

A1 Medical Supply’s Insulin Pump & Supplies

Close Up of Insulin Pump on Jeans Pocket

Low profile designs available

Quiet and superbly comfortable

Different models for different lifestyles

Safe needle capturer

 Easy to use with maximum comfort

Certain models have convenient on-site disconnecting

Covered by most insurance at little or no cost

Benefits Of Using an Insulin Pump

Use of insulin pump therapy results in lower A1C’s, making the risk of future complications much lower. Other benefits include fewer injections, smaller doses of insulin, and overall better control over your diabetes.

•  PRECISE insulin delivery

•  REDUCES episodes of severe hypoglycemia

 TRAINING program offered for free!

•  ALL pump models offered to accomodate your lifestyle

•  FREE shipping on the pump and your supplies

•  MORE CONTROL over your meals and lifestyle

•  COMFORTABLE and reliable

Insulin Pump Benefits

Three Easy Steps To Get Your Insulin Pump: 

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

If you haven’t placed your order yet, call us now to initiate the order. A friendly customer care specialist will help you with placing your order & answer any questions you have.

Step 2

After your order is placed, we then contact your physician and work with them to get the documentation we need to get the item approved by your insurance company. It’s very important that you contact your doctor and let them know that you are requesting insulin pump or supplies to help us expedite the process.

step 3

After we get the approval from your physician, your insulin pump or supplies will be shipped free to your door the same day. Get back to enjoying a healthier lifestyle.
See If You Qualify to Receive Yours at Little to No Cost